Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) and Inclusion Information

As a school we are mindful of and comply with the LA expectations of schools, which outline the key ways pupils should be supported in class, along with expected equality duties shown in the school’s Single Equality and Disability Equality policies and our access arrangements as shown in the school’s Accessibility Plan. 

This report shows the full range of specific targeted support we give identified pupils to address their additional needs.  Different interventions and approaches are used to address specific areas and we look carefully at each child’s individual needs when deciding how best to support them and which intervention (if any), to use.  All the interventions and approaches included in this documents have been shown to have a positive impacts on pupils’ learning. 

If you have any queries relating to the type of support we use in school or would like any further information about anything in this report, please contact Mrs Kelly Jones (SENDCo).  The school governor with responsibilty for SEND in school is Champa Bhudia, who can be contacted via the school office.

Please click on the link to access details about the SEND Provision at St Margaret's School.

Click to Download Accessibility Policy and Plan Oct 2022 – Oct 2025 [pdf 101KB] Click to Download
Click to Download Administration of Medicines - supporting medical conditions- October 2022 - October 2025.docx [pdf 178KB] Click to Download
Click to Download Asthma Policy - October 2022-2023 [pdf 463KB] Click to Download
Click to Download Equality Policy 2021-2025 [pdf 185KB] Click to Download
Click to Download SEN & Disability Policy - Oct 2022-2023 [pdf 579KB] Click to Download

SEND Helpline (Talk Oldham)

SEND Helpline (Talk Oldham) is now available Tel: 0161 503 1559 (Mon to Friday 9.00am to 5.00pm). The helpline will offer vital Information and signposting for Oldham SEND families during this critical period of uncertainty. The new helpline team are ready and waiting to receive calls so please can you promote the helpline with staff and families?  Families can also access 1:1 live chats  7.00 – 9.00pm weekdays www.point-send.co.uk .  You will also find this information POINTS social media pages @POINTsend so please share.  The attached pdf can be added to schools and settings own website if you wish.


What is the Local Offer?

Click to Download Oldham Local Offer [pdf 1MB] Click to Download

Oldham Council Children and Young People with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (Local Offer)

Local Authorities must publish support that is available for children and young people with S.E.N. and disabilities and their families.

This information is called the 'Local Offer' and must include education, health and care services and must be clear and easy to understand.

To access the Oldham Council Local Offer please click on the picture link.

Point of contact - Gerri Barry/Jean Reid: local.offer@oldham.gov.uk

What is the Local Offer?

The Oldham Local Offer provides information on what is available in Oldham for children and young people and their families with special educational needs and / or a disability (SEND).

The Local Offer has been produced by children, young people, parents, carers and practitioners working together. Families have been engaged throughout the development of the Local Offer and feedback forms are a fundamental part of it's ongoing development.

The Department for Education has put together a Local Offer guide and video which explains what is meant by Local Offer and what you can expect from your local authority.

Click to Download SEND Good Practice and Quality Assurance Guide [pdf 69KB] Click to Download
Click to Download What is the Local Offer - CfDC [pdf 393KB] Click to Download
Click to Download A guide to making conversations with schools count for all families [pdf 264KB] Click to Download
Click to Download SEND Local Offer Leaflet [pdf 450KB] Click to Download

SEND North West Newsletters

Please click on the link below to view the newsletters.

External Link Icon North West SEND Monthly Newsletter

Oldham Council Reports, Strategies, Values and Codes of Practice (SEND)

Please click on the picture link to access the information.  This information contains Oldham Council's SEND Written Statement of Action (WSOA).

Additional Needs Register

Please can we encourage our parents to add their details to the register so that they can receive updates and alerts when new services and resources are added to the Local Offer Directory. 

Please click on the picture link to register on their website.

Parents of Oldham in Touch (POINT)

Oldham’s Established Parent Forum for Parents and Carers of Children and Young People aged 0-25 with Additional Needs, who live in or access Services in Oldham. We aim to pro-actively represent our families, ensuring that parents and carers have greater choice and control to meet their current needs and have a voice in shaping future services.

To access the POINT website please click on the picture link.

POINT CO-production

Click to Download POINT SEND Self Support Workshops Flyer [pdf 96KB] Click to Download
Click to Download Ability Wheelz Cycling Centre [pdf 1MB] Click to Download
Click to Download Oldham Parent Carer Forum [pdf 1MB] Click to Download
Click to Download SEND Mediation and DRS [pdf 1MB] Click to Download
Click to Download SEND Self Support Workshops [pdf 96KB] Click to Download
Click to Download SEND Workshops and Training Service [pdf 1MB] Click to Download
Click to Download SENDIAS Service [pdf 1MB] Click to Download

Family Information Service

The Family Information Service (FIS) provides free, impartial, up-to-date information to support parents / carers with children and young people aged 0-20 years and prospective parents.

They provide information on a wide range of services such as:
• Childcare
• Local and national services
• Local events and activities
• Financial support
• Health issues
• Schools
• Free Early Education for 2 year olds
• Free Early Education for 3 and 4 year olds
• Employment (Get Oldham Working)

The FIS also provides a childcare brokerage service which offers additional support to help find suitable childcare. The service is available to everyone; however specific consideration is given to:
• Parents experiencing difficulty finding childcare
• Parents stating childcare is a barrier to employment, education or training
• Parents of children with additional educational needs
• Parents with additional needs (including disability, learning difficulties, literacy etc)
• Teenage parents
• Single parents
• Parents needing emergency childcare or childcare at short notice
• Low income families
• Carers of looked after children

To access the Family Information Service website please click on the picture link.

SEND Gateway Resources

Whole School SEND is a consortium of charities, schools and organisations. We are committed to helping children and young people with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND) or learning differences reach their full potential.

Hosted by nasen, we deliver the Department for Education SEND Schools’ Workforce Support Contract and a randomised control trial funded by the Education Endowment Foundation.

Oldham SENDIAS Service

Oldham SEND IAS Service exists to help parents and carers of children with additional needs and disabilities; and children and young people themselves, in matters relating to their Education, Health or Social Care provision.

Their support services are tailored to your individual needs and are both personal and confidential.  They can offer you:

  • Independent information about Special Needs Education.
  • One-to-one advice and support.
  • Details about how Special Education, Health and Social Care is organised.
  • Advice about working with those involved with you, your child or young person.
  • Information about local support networks.
  • Access to Independent Parental Support for Parents, Carers and Young People 16+
  • Support to arrange Mediation and Disagreement Resolution.
  • Support with SEND Tribunal claims.
  • Opportunities to improve and shape services through our SEND IAS Steering Group.

Their website contains useful information, guidance and practical tools to enable you to understand the processes and arrangements for Special Educational Needs and disability both locally and nationally so that you can make informed choices about the provision required to meet you own, or your child or young persons needs.

To access the IASS website please click on the picture link.

Oldham Parent Carer Forum

We are a member of the National Network of Parent Carer Forums.

Our main aim is to ensure the needs of our children and young people with SEND are met and we bring together parent carers from across Oldham to provide mutual support, exchange information, and influence policy and practice:

  • create a culture of participation and co-production across education, health, social care and the voluntary sectors. This means that we can become involved in all aspects of designing, commissioning, delivering and reviewing services as an equal partner;
  • empower our members to ensure that their voices are heard at a local, regional and national level; and
  • inspire our partners by sharing good practice and knowledge.