School Newsletters 2021-22

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Oldham Libraries - Christmas Show

Children eligible for Free School Meals can claim a free ticket to a Christmas show preceded by a healthy hot meal and enjoy a range of other self-led and facilitated activities at Oldham Libraries this Christmas.

Please find attached: double-sided leaflets with further information, including booking links.

Please note: Shows and event format differ by location, so please check details carefully before booking.

File icon: pdf Oldham Library - Winter HAF 2021 Poster [pdf 341KB] Click to download
File icon: pdf Oldham Branch Libraries - Winter HAF 2021 Poster [pdf 308KB] Click to download

Education catch-up for your child

The Department for Education (DfE) is supporting catch-up programmes for all children and young people in England. Get in touch with your school or local authority to find out what’s available in your area.

Take a Peek Once a Week

Once a week take a peek headlice campaign. The school is launching a new anti headlice campaign called "Once a Week Take a Peek". This emphasises the importance of everyone checking the family's hair for headlice every week and provides information about getting rid of lice if they are found.

The children will be bringing a leaflet home advising parents about headlice, how to check for them and the different methods of treating them, if they are discovered. Please keep these leaflets safe for future reference as we do not plan to send these out again routinely.
If you should find headlice in your child's hair it is essential that you let the school office know. Please do not be embarrassed about this as headlice are a normal part of life and not something to be worried, panicked or ashamed about. The school will inform other parents of the class that there has been a case of headlice (no names will be disclosed) by school text service, rather than sending out more leaflets. The email will provide a link to the Once a Week Take a Peek website where you can download futher copies of the leaflet if you wish.
It would be wonderful if we could make this campaign a success and get rid of the nuisance of headlice, so please take the time to read the leaflet and get into the routine of taking a peek every week!